October 20, 2010

My name is Shajahan/Raheem/Faheem.. My wife is not a Muslim

Today i was going through the pages of the 'secularism'/ 'secular love' special issue(Oct 10-16) of Mathrubhumi weekly ( i haven't read it completely because i don't think it is worth 'wasting' the precious and limited time i am left with in this semester end). one doubt that arose ( or arose again) in my mind is that what the term 'secularism' means? Till now i thought of myself as a secular person or a pseudo-secular, the best that a Muslim can be according to some people.(let me say, i regularly read Madhyamam daily and weekly, among other dailies and journals that itself can be a disqualification for the tag of 'secularist'. moreover, i am no more an SFI sympathizer!!!)
after going through this issue, i realize that to prove that i'm secular not watching the matches of Pakistan cricket team or Sania (a bad Muslim! what a traitor she is!!!! she married a Pakistani!!!!!, ) are no more enough.
The articles seem to suggest that a Muslim man has to marry a non-Muslim woman( therby removing the tag of 'bad' Muslim) to be eligible for the 'secular' 'good' Muslim tag. (let those 'oppressed' Muslim women continue to be oppressed, no one is preventing those 'Zaara's from marrying good 'Veer's (Veer Zaara).
intersting enough, in each of the 9 'secular' pairs mentioned in the issue, one person is of Muslim origin.
Let me add that i am seriously concerned about the 'Kunhamutti'es ( Sufi Paranja Katha).Though they say that My name is Shajahan/Raheem/Faheem.. my Wife is not a Muslim. If Mathukkuttichayan's girls/boys happen to see these articles, i seriously believe, there will be a cover story on 'Secular Love Jihadist'. let's see how many "secular love jihadists' will be there. Will it be more than 4000...????

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